Epic weekend

This weekend has been a very productive weekend. We even got a bit dirty and painty. I made a ferny terrarium from over-zealous plants and moss from the yard:

I thought about plopping in some of these mysterious fruits from the tree out front:

We finally started painting up the dining chairs. They are getting a nice oil-based undercoat:

J has been working on a little bookcase as well which is coming up real nice:

I did plenty of sewing (more to come), drawing (technical stuff for my class) and painting, including this little detail from a larger portrait of Nathan breakfasting in Berlin:

My little gouache portrait of J is turning out pretty spiffy too. Gouache is taking a bit of practice, but I like the posterised effect I’m getting. He’s got quite the twinkle to his eyes. Tomorrow I get to start fooling around with copic markers and ink washes.

I also went to my ballet class, and followed it up with some ballet in the botanic gardens. The Russian excerpts were the best, with the diagonal levitation and pounding music. If anyone thinks ballet is soft, they need to see men perform Russian ballet. I’d never been able to appreciate dance as much as watching these dancers last night. Learning a little bit about what goes into it completely changes the way one sees a dance–it’s not simply beautiful, but one can pick out specific technical feats. It seemed like everything I saw must have taken a lifetime to perfect. Sitting out on the grass, watching the sun set and the stars come out and seeing snippets of trick shot ballet was a real treat:


One thought on “Epic weekend

  1. Cesar says:

    The mysterious fruits are called “pitanga” or “Eugenia uniflora”. Are edible and delicious. Natives from South America, I saw them now in places like Canary Islands or Fiji

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