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I love ‘snooping’ around other people’s workspaces. This is where I sit. An old kitchen table, a cute shelf stacked on top, and an antique chair of J’s from his opa. I like to keep my most studious books to hand–books on illustration, typography and languages–as well as travel momentos and pieces of my old car (note flying car picture made by my bro on the wall). The lamp is an essential as it’s a nice shady corner. To my right is a door (recently un-stuck by my dad when he came to visit) opening on to the veranda which brings in a welcome breeze.

Things I need for painting. I work at A3 and A4 size. I sketch out in pencil first, from life if possible (this may involve perching on a chair in the kitchen). It helps to reference photos from my computer to check colouring.

Things I need for sketching in the world. I pretty much always sketch in pen, and it’s a Uniball Eye (the micro is best, but fine is okay). I love the fluidity of the line–it never sticks or clumps, the ink just pours onto the page in a consistent river of black. This is the best thing I ever learned from an art-affiliated instructor: get comfortable with your own strokes. Mark your page boldly.

Incidentally, these watercolours are ace. They are Windsor & Newton and fit into the tiniest of handbags. Pocket rainbow!


3 thoughts on “Workspace / tools

  1. That looks like a wonderful place to work. I’m starting to rethink my work area, and it’s so nice to have inspiration. I’m finally going to invest in decent materials for design sketches, too — that pen sounds like just the thing.

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