Epic lazy bike ride

We joined some new friends for a Lazy Sunday Cycle from the city to the Northey Street farmers’ markets.

I picked up this snazzy and sturdy basket from an op shop this week, and with some swift zip-tie dude-crafting, Clementine was ready to pack a picnic.

Some forethought meant that we had this spread of balsamic vinegar and olive oil, antipasto and my first ever home-made bread to sustain us. At the markets I also picked up a swish ‘sustainable wooden fountain pen’–with some slick waterproof ink from the Art Shed, I’ll have me a formidable new drawing pen. I thought West End was hippy central–turns out the north side goes nuts for organic produce and city permaculture gardens.

Pumped full of endorphins, I’m already excited for bicycle dress-ups later this month!

And some news: My business cards arrived this week, so I’m ready to make new friends / network. I ordered them through Moo Print, and I’m very pleased with these little boxes of pocket art.


6 thoughts on “Epic lazy bike ride

  1. Love the wicker basket and home made bread – looks very delish. Your business cards look very lovely. Thats a great idea to have samples of your illustrations on the back side of your business card! I may have to borrow that idea for my next set.

  2. Ooh, you have the bike that inspired me to learn to ride (and purchase a bicycle). I saw it at a bike shop in West End in powder blue. In the end, I got a Schwinn “Jenny” in a lovely aubergine colour.

    It’s not just the northside people that go to Northey St Markets on a Sunday morning. Because all the produce is organic, my friends and I come from the Southside each Sunday morning. Best to get there early!

    And love the basket on the back. Are you going to cover it with a red gingham cloth too?

    • Yes, isn’t she pretty! You should bring your Schwinn on a ride in future–I met a great group of people all very enthusiastic about everyone’s bikes. x

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