Art show

I’m very pleased to announce my first solo show. Join us on the wintery Sunday evening of June 24th for a glass of Veuve or two and some scrummy canapés. We’ll watch the sun go down, listen to some acoustic music and swoon over some art.

Kichi-Ba Tea House is run by the very gracious Michelle, and it’s the adorable little shop you can see from Taringa Station. Hop on the train, or park in the nearby commuter parking on the evening.

I will have loads of original works for sale, as well as a few other illustrated goodies.

In the meantime, treat yourself to tea and homemade cake or scones and a pleasant chat at Kichi-Ba. I can heartily recommend a blend of Melbourne Breakfast and Chocolate tea.


5 thoughts on “Art show

  1. Sounds great Samantha, wish you well with your show. Wish I was still in Brisbane and I would definately have come along – art and tea are 2 of my favourite things! 🙂

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