My show is on Sunday, and I have been very busy getting ready. It’s the perfect excuse for getting my craft on.

I had a limited number of Mr Infernal Dishes tea towels printed, which will be for sale on the night. He’ll stare down those dishes in the sink for you, while you get on with less passive-aggressive pastimes.

I’ve been getting the paintings ready to hang. They’ll be swaying from the rafters like a magical forest of tiny paintings.

My obsessive collecting of jars is finally validated.

I’ve amassed a sizable collection of 50c treasures from Annerley, Indooroopilly and Sherwood.

And these babies are to lure bewildered passers-by into the festivities on the night, as they will soon be an explanatory sign.

Can’t wait to see you!


9 thoughts on “Preparations

    • I believe J might have had a chat with you at the show, but I didn’t get a chance to meet you! Still, J is a pretty nice substitute (and, just quietly, he’s quite the artist himself). I still have some tea towels and I’m selling them for $20, so we can still arrange something if you’d like. x

      • Searching for merino in Brisbane says:

        Yes, I did have a nice chat with J and I picked up that he seemed to have that sensitive, artistic soul – not surprised that he’s also an artist. Sorry I didn’t catch up with you but after all, you were the lady of the hour!

        I did purchase a tea towel as its design resonates with me deeply also – no dishwasher at my place either! Anyway, it was lovely to see your illustrations up close and I know one day I’ll purchase one… I’m waiting for the inevitable piece that will grab my soul with both hands.

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