Early in the year I sent away some designs to Avant Cards, and my ‘portrait’ of Clementine was selected as postcard-worthy material. (She’s chuffed). They’ll start popping up in shops and cafes all over Australia pretty soon, so make sure you grab one, because they’re free!

Clementine now sports a basket on back, a big one with a handle that probably held someone’s nanna’s toilet rolls for the last decade. She recently had a flat tyre, but I learned to replace an inner tube on the weekend and she was raring to go at six this morning, and so was I, with some cosy new mittens (details forthcoming)!

I love going on bike adventures. If you want to see your bike immortalised in a painting, send me a photo of your bikeventure to samantha dot groenestyn at uqconnect dot edu dot au. I’ll paint my favourite ones and post them here as part of a bike series. And if you send me your postal address as well, I’ll send you a Clementine postcard!

Toowong Cemetery, Brisbane, where J and I spent a quiet Saturday.


4 thoughts on “Clementine

    • Probably less planting and more weeds! But the colours are amazing. I like to think of the dead people growing the plants. In fact, some graves in this cemetery have extreme gardens on them, bursting with flowers and things that somebody must regularly come and tend to. Can you imagine a grave veggie patch? Eek! x

  1. Searching for merino in Brisbane says:

    I think “Jenny” (my bicycle) will also be worthy of an illustration. I just have to get a good picture of her…

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