An interview

Stereo stack © Samantha Groenestyn

Today is an exciting day for me–I’ve been interviewed by the industrious Jodi Wiley and featured on her enviable blog Art by Wiley. If you’d like to get to know me a little more, sit down with a cup of coffee and have a read!

Stereo stack is a distillation of the focal point of my living room. Yes, amidst the ugly lamps and books and old couches from my grandparents is my pride and joy, my stereo. All seats face the stereo, as we have no television, nor time for one. At all times of day we listen to music, and I’ve always had a great passion for music and in my younger days envisioned myself becoming a writer for Rolling Stone. My music collection is vast and varied.

My stereo itself has been collected over many years and has seen numerous incarnations. My amplifier was a birthday present from my parents, perhaps my eighteenth. Around that time some friends gifted me a turntable, which is now stored away in need of repair. For years I plugged my discman into my amp, long since replaced by my iPod, though I temporarily relied on a DVD player to play CDs. My latest addition is my dad’s lovingly kept tuner which lights up a fabulous neon green and makes satisfying clunking sounds when switches are flicked.

This guy is available in all manner of forms including as a t-shirt on Society6!











The gorgeous picture in the frame is a postcard I picked up in one of my favourite cities, Budapest. It’s one from a collection by Richard Sejben which I think captures the romance of the city and, no less, celebrates the reconstruction of the city and it’s fabulous bridges (this one being the Erzsébet or Elizabeth bridge).


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