A collective

Coniston Lane © Samantha Groenestyn

Lost Movements is a ramshackle collective of artists, musicians, photographers, zine-makers and all-around warehouse-partiers. We’re gathering again soon to make magic, breathe paint and rock and roll fumes and to improvise new creative pieces. Lost Movements is thoroughly independent, built from the ground up, unconstrained; a hotpot of complete creative freedom.

It’s not just the warehouse parties that bring us together, but the connections forged on the night between people of different talents but with a united vision. Brisbane creatives are breaking down the compartmentalisation of their crafts and dreaming up collaborative projects during daylight hours, trading skills, cross-pollinating and building each other up. And one can’t go to an art show or gig or market without running into a (now) friendly face.

A couple of new projects have emerged out of this heady mix for me—more on this later!




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