Wedding wishes © Samantha Groenestyn

I don’t know about you, but I’ve been doing a lot of crafting. A lot of it involves lovely fabrics, including this darling old gold broadcloth that I printed sleeping cats onto with a homemade potato stamp:

A potato stamp, if you’ve never made one, is a potato cut in half and carved into. They were all the rage in kindy.

You’ll want to pat the potato dry with paper towel and apply the paint with a paintbrush to get it on nice and evenly. I reapplied paint every time so they were nice and dark. Then I just ironed the reverse of the fabric, et voila.

In other news, if all your friends and cousins are falling over themselves to get married, as are mine, you’ll be relieved to learn you don’t have to get them a tacky card from the $2 shop but you can pick up some of mine in my Etsy shop.

I’ve a whole bunch of other snazzy cards in there too–time to get writing to your Nanna.


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