Winn Late Δ Winn Lane

My friend Nadia and I are delighted to announce our joint exhibition that celebrates secret pockets of cities and countrysides, secret nooks where we find little pieces of home, and stolen moments for reading thoughtfully and mulling over life.

The generous folk that make up the vibrant community of Winn Lane, Fortitude Valley, are hosting our pop-up show as part of their Winn Late of 4 October 2012. You are invited to explore their carefully cultivated shops, say clever things about art, feast your eyes on bright brushstrokes and intricate linework and meet other cultured Briswegians.

You can spy on Nadia on her blog–she’s one talented lady, a whiz with layouts and lettering and letterpress too.

You can also visit Winn Lane in daylight hours, where you’ll find a happy mix of shops: a second-hand book shop, a vintage clothes shop, fancy modern clothes, pretty and playful clothes, beautifully creepy jewellery, stylish men’s gear and a hairdresser–and a cafe with yummy pear and almond muffins, and imaginative milkshakes.

Come say hello!


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