Exhibition eve

Red umbrella, Amsterdam © Samantha Groenestyn

It is exhibition eve, and I am nearly ready! My new paintings are framed, my cards and other goodies for sale are stacked up and my ‘Art Show’ bunting is folded neatly. I feel the kind of butterflies you feel before going on stage. I’m very excited to share tomorrow night with Nadia, and can’t wait to relax and enjoy it with all my friends.

The party’s in Winn Lane, Fortitude Valley, Brisbane, at 5-8pm tomorrow night. Don’t be shy to come say hello and to ask me all about this picture and everything that happened in Amsterdam. Christian hostel in the red light district? Wild times. And lots of chips with mayonnaise.


6 thoughts on “Exhibition eve

  1. Searching for merino in Brisbane says:

    Ooh, I LOVE this illustration! I’ll try and drop by your exhibition to check it out in person…

    • Thank you! This wouldn’t be my first Maira Kalman comparison, it’s quite an honour. I think she’s fabulous–I love her outlook on life. And I love those little nooks in Amsterdam–this alley had a little sandwich shop that sold little rolls with strange meat patties on them, smeared in mayonnaise. Mmm! x

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