Cigar box show

Venezia © Samantha Groenestyn

This brave little guy is on his way to Melbourne to be a part of the Illustrators Australia annual 9×5 exhibition. He’s a little different to my usual offerings–he’s painted directly onto wood, completely unprimed. I love the way the wood licks up the gouache paint and alters the colour, and sometimes the texture. This show is a throwback to the 1890 cigar box exhibition held in Melbourne by the Heidelberg artists. The theme this year is Carnivale, and I can’t stop painting European street scenes, so I’ve whipped up this vibrant little Venetian one.

If you’re in Melbourne and you’d like to go check up on him, have a few drinks, and see some roving carnivale artists, the opening night is Friday 9 November from 6pm. All paintings go to auction at 8pm. The show is right in the city–Space 39, Level 2, 39 Little Collins Street. You’ll be able to visit the gallery over the weekend between 11am and 4pm as well.


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