A Viennese soirée


Very soon I will be reunited with my Viennese contingent, and together we will be celebrating our twice-weekly sketch groups with a delightful little group show. I am pleased to be exhibiting several drawings which I hope demonstrate my studious motivation for attending the groups: working drawings that seek out form, weight, and the elegant rhythms that run through the human form, and that try to express these things with economical but energetic lines.

Our two groups, which meet at Mikes Werkstatt and Kaffeebar Quentin, are young and motivated, and through them I have made many significant friendships. We work independently, untutored, and simply pool our resources to be able to work from the model as often as possible.

Cakes, wine, art, music and general debauchery will be taking place at Takt Keller, Ingen-Housz-Gasse 2, 1090 Wien, from 19.00 on Saturday 3 October. The perfect way to kick off Lange Nacht der Museen! Bis dann! x