Early in the year I sent away some designs to Avant Cards, and my ‘portrait’ of Clementine was selected as postcard-worthy material. (She’s chuffed). They’ll start popping up in shops and cafes all over Australia pretty soon, so make sure you grab one, because they’re free!

Clementine now sports a basket on back, a big one with a handle that probably held someone’s nanna’s toilet rolls for the last decade. She recently had a flat tyre, but I learned to replace an inner tube on the weekend and she was raring to go at six this morning, and so was I, with some cosy new mittens (details forthcoming)!

I love going on bike adventures. If you want to see your bike immortalised in a painting, send me a photo of your bikeventure to samantha dot groenestyn at uqconnect dot edu dot au. I’ll paint my favourite ones and post them here as part of a bike series. And if you send me your postal address as well, I’ll send you a Clementine postcard!

Toowong Cemetery, Brisbane, where J and I spent a quiet Saturday.