Tweed sketches

And now for some textile / bicycle eye candy.

J, Nathan and I spent all Sunday afternoon gadding about on our bicycles in some fine specimens of tweed, as part of a mob / organised social event.

Plenty of pants tucked into argyle socks.

Time traveller.

No really. This guy built his penny-farthing. You can take courses and build your own if you live in Brisbane!

After a minor altercation with the police, we picnicked. (The police suspected us of protesting, and were anxious to ascertain whether or not we had a permit to do so. ‘No, officer, we are but an oversized group of people enjoying the sunshine together.’ ‘Nonetheless, I shall fine you, sir, for not wearing a helmet, and thus make an example out of you.’ A collection was taken–in a tweed hat–and the fine was paid and a profit was made and no one learned anything.)

(Frilly blouse, knitted cape and bifurcated tweed skirt, ftw.)